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We are a small guitar effects manufacturing company based in Russia, Moscow.
Our mission is to provide top quality equipment to musicians all over the world. Wars, poverty, lies, violence - that's the stuff we stand against. 

For the pedals we use:

1) Quality aluminium alloy enclosures by Gainta, Taiwan - they are light, sturdy and do not rust;


2) PCB is secured by velcro tape inside the enclosure. This provides additional protection against mechanical damage;


3) High quality capacitors - Wima, Epcos-TDK, Vishay-Philips, Nichicon.

4) All pedals are True Bypass;


5) All potentiometers made by  Alpha Electronic Co, founded in 1970 as the first potentiometer manufacturer in Taiwan;


6) Jack sockets are Rean/Neutrik.


We build stuff to last for decades! 


which means: 


1) if you get a faulty pedal - we replace it or refund. and we refund all shipping costs.

2) if a pedal breaks within 6 months - we repair it and refund the shipping costs

3) if a pedal breaks within 5 years - we repar for free, but charge you for the shipping (10$ to ship a pedal from Russia in 2018) 


 Made in Russia / Free worldwide shipping 

Johan, Non-Executive Director