Easy Vibe

This is a simplified version of a Univibe.


Univox Univibe was one of the first phasers available in 60s.

You can hear it on such tracks as Jimi Hendrix - Machine Gun; Pink Floyd – Breathe; Robin Trower - Bridge of Sighs.


In 2001 John Hollis designed the Easy Vibe, substituting Univibe transistors and light bulbs with opamps and leds.

This circuit allows to get a Univibe sound at much cheaper price.

Our version of the Easy Vibe contains some improvements that help to filter out the clock noise which is often a problem with LFO based circuits.
The controls are:
1) Depth – controls the depth of the effect;
2) Rate – sets the tempo of the effect.
​The additional footswitch allows to switch phaser (chorus) / vibrato modes while you play.

Price: $110 including  worldwide shipping

Demo by drowninginguitars
Demo by millstap
Demo by Analog Fox
Demo by Billy Voight


 Made in Russia / Free worldwide shipping