Lo-Fi Looper

This is a guitar loop pedal that records short passages played on an instrument and plays them back in a repeating loop.


And it is analog! The signal-to-noise ratio is not that good, but the sound is thicker than any digital alternative can provide.


The only pedal on market that uses similar technology is Zvex Lo-Fi Loop Junky.

These are diy projects our looper is based upon: Madbean Loophole and Dean Hazelwnter's Mobius Trip Looper.


The circuit is based on ISD1020 chip.

The supplier for these analog recording chips is a company called Nuvoton. According to their datasheets, the chips use some kind of patented flash memory that can store sound without digital conversion.

The recording time is 20 sec.
No multiple loops available.
The controls are:
1) Rec knob – recording volume;
2) Play knob – playback volume;
3) Dry knob – volume of the instrument that is played over a recorded loop;
4) Two footswitches – one for recording, one for playback;
5) Internal trimpot - controls a low pass filter that filters out some of the unwanted noise.

Price: $135 including  worldwide shipping

Demo by Analog Fox
Demo by drowninginguitars
Demo by intheblues
Demo by Analog Fox (2 Lo-Fi Loopers and Order Switch)


 Made in Russia / Free worldwide shipping