PowerSolo Underdrive

This pedal was developed together with a great band from Denmark - PowerSolo!

The pedal combines an overdrive, compressor and 2-band active filter. 

The overdrive is a classic dod250 grey spec. It is always on when the pedal is on - controlled by the left footswitch.

The right footswitch adds Orange Squeezer compressor in front of the overdrive. This is also a classic circuit from 70s. Modded with a "Sustain" control that allows to get more sustain from the unit. 

There is also a toggle knob, that activates the filter controlled by the two knobs on the right. The filter controls are "Low" and "High".

Price: $145 including  worldwide shipping

Demo by drowninginguitars
Demo by Analog Fox
Demo by Alex T
PowerSolo - Frantic (not this pedal though)
Demo by intheblues


 Made in Russia / Free worldwide shipping