Tone Machine

Tone Machine is a clone of Foxx Tone Machine, which was produced in 70s.


The pedal is a thick sounding fuzz with lots of gain and a footswitch that allows to add an upper octave to the sound.

The controls are:

1) Susttain – sets amount of distortion (sustain);

2) Tone – filters out high or low frequencies;

3) Volume – sets the output volume.

​This circuit was used by artists ranging from ZZ Top to Adrian Belew, Parliament-Funkadelic to Peter Frampton. Its legacy has lived on as a new generation of artists (Nine Inch Nails, Beck) has discovered the fat-backed, fuzzed-out sound that pedal screams.

Price: $105 including  worldwide shipping

Demo by drowninginguitars
Demo by Analog Fox
Demo by Effects and Pedals Arena Corner
Demo by intheblues


 Made in Russia / Free worldwide shipping