Voodoo Fuzz

The Fuzz Face was first introduced in 1966 by Dallas Arbiter. It is a very simple yet efficient circuit that became very popular among musicians.
Our version is modded according to "Technology of the Fuzz Face" article by R.G. Keen.  It has a set of changes collectively referred to as the "Hendrix" mods or the "Roger Mayer" mods. These mods primarily seem to increase the output level and gain of the second transistor.
Voodoo Fuzz has an internal trimpot for biasing the transistors. This can be useful as germanium transistors are sensitive to temperature and the trimpot can compensate that.
We offer a wide range of vintage transistors within different versions of our Voodoo Fuzzes:
1) Gt402i / made in USSR / red graphics;
2) 2sb187 / made in Japan / blue graphics;
3) Ac128 / made in Hungary / green graphics.

Difference between them is subtle, but if you want more gain - get Gt402i; for colder tone - 2sb187; less gain - Ac128.
The unit can be powered by 9V battarey or DC power supply.
This circuit needs a power source with positive ground and we supply it with a free adapter that allows to power it from modern power supplies. Voodoo Fuzz won't be damaged if you accidentally connect it without the adapter.
Just keep in mind that if you use the same power supply with other effects, its outputs must be isolated. This is typical for germanium fuzz faces and does contribute to their unique sound.

Price: $80 including  worldwide shipping

Demo by drowninginguitars
Demo by millstap (sputtering)
Demo by millstap (clean boost)
Demo by Analog Fox
Demo by millstap (germanium transistor shootout)
Demo by Analog Fox (germanium transistors shootout)
Demo by millstap (2sb187 Blue Graphics)
Demo by millstap (Voodoo Fuzz with Phasers)
Demo by Dima Yehonathan Kurbet (2sb187 Blue Graphics)


 Made in Russia / Free worldwide shipping